I walked away from you. That day will forever be seared on my soul.
I know you understand, the same way I know you hate me and that you truly love me.

A friend you never got to meet (who I was catching up on the past two years of my life) described you as my soulmate! I have never believed in soulmates but the word stuck in my brain. I know you are as close to a soulmate as I have come.

Irrespective of what happens, of where our paths lead … know that I will love you until that day when this body dries, crumbles and disappears.

Longing for my old kink life back

I have been away from a kinky life and everything that goes with it for over a year. This is some of what I miss about that kinky life and also K (as she was the only real kinky partner I had for any substantial length of time).

I miss …

The sweet and smokey smell of rope oil
The same beautiful smell on her skin
The sting of her skin against my palm
The combined taste of sweat, rope and leather

All the parties with sexy friends and strangers
All the amazing outfits (latex, leather, pvc)
All the people playing, dancing and sexing
All the performances both pro and amateur

The markets full of collars, floggers, toys and more
The classes, demonstrations and even the munches
The dungeons filled with hours of agony and ecstasy
The furniture creatively crafted for kinky filth

Our forum where we share, discover and exhibit
Our openness and acceptance of all, irrespective …
Our hunger to explore, to live, to enjoy, to experience
Our lifestyle … all us beautiful kinksters

Respecting privacy

It has been weeks since I have posted an entry in my blog. One of the reasons is that I have just been busy with life. But let me go into another of the reasons.
I started a new job in January. It’s a large, well known corporate with large open plan floor-plates. I can’t sit and type freely at home, as I have a spouse who watches and analyses every movement I make … Anyway, so I found taking a few minutes at work to type blog posts was working well. After a few months I ended up sitting in a very quite part of the office with few people surrounding me. I tried to type something every day and even if it wasn’t a new post it was a part of an entry or an ideas or something.
A couple of months back I moved back next to my team, sandwiched between two guys. Both perfectly lovely and no complaints from me. But eventually I became aware the the guy to my left had no respect for anyone else’s right to privacy. Giving you an example, I looked up a local bowling alley to go bowling with a friend after work. Next thing I hear the guy to my left say “Ahhh bowling!”. Nothing too serious but I don’t think you should be reading anything off my screen. I have done it (we all have) but if I catch myself doing it, I stop myself and try look away … I try respect the other persons privacy.
But it wasn’t just the bowling. Loads of things I would browse would get “mentioned”.
And not just internet browsing either. This person I should add has a photographic memory. He apparently finds it entertaining to keep a mental record of what I eat for lunch. He occasionally pipe ups with something like … “Wow, that’s katsu curry 3 times this week” or “Let me guess, a duck wrap from Pret today?”.
I have moved to a different building temporarily.
Today I arranged lunch in the pub with a different colleague. I arranged it using Skype for business which we all have. A few minutes after arranging it he asks, “What you having for lunch today?” I say I have made plans but lets do lunch tomorrow …
When I get back from lunch I get a message from him saying “How was the food at “The G***** A*****”? you didn’t think just because you moved across the street that I would stop knowing what you eat for lunch did you???”

You might therefore understand why I have found less time or rather less space to write my blog entries freely.