Respecting privacy

It has been weeks since I have posted an entry in my blog. One of the reasons is that I have just been busy with life. But let me go into another of the reasons.
I started a new job in January. It’s a large, well known corporate with large open plan floor-plates. I can’t sit and type freely at home, as I have a spouse who watches and analyses every movement I make … Anyway, so I found taking a few minutes at work to type blog posts was working well. After a few months I ended up sitting in a very quite part of the office with few people surrounding me. I tried to type something every day and even if it wasn’t a new post it was a part of an entry or an ideas or something.
A couple of months back I moved back next to my team, sandwiched between two guys. Both perfectly lovely and no complaints from me. But eventually I became aware the the guy to my left had no respect for anyone else’s right to privacy. Giving you an example, I looked up a local bowling alley to go bowling with a friend after work. Next thing I hear the guy to my left say “Ahhh bowling!”. Nothing too serious but I don’t think you should be reading anything off my screen. I have done it (we all have) but if I catch myself doing it, I stop myself and try look away … I try respect the other persons privacy.
But it wasn’t just the bowling. Loads of things I would browse would get “mentioned”.
And not just internet browsing either. This person I should add has a photographic memory. He apparently finds it entertaining to keep a mental record of what I eat for lunch. He occasionally pipe ups with something like … “Wow, that’s katsu curry 3 times this week” or “Let me guess, a duck wrap from Pret today?”.
I have moved to a different building temporarily.
Today I arranged lunch in the pub with a different colleague. I arranged it using Skype for business which we all have. A few minutes after arranging it he asks, “What you having for lunch today?” I say I have made plans but lets do lunch tomorrow …
When I get back from lunch I get a message from him saying “How was the food at “The G***** A*****”? you didn’t think just because you moved across the street that I would stop knowing what you eat for lunch did you???”

You might therefore understand why I have found less time or rather less space to write my blog entries freely.

5 thoughts on “Respecting privacy

    • I don’t think he realises he does it or that it’s an issue for people around him. There are others that have said the same to me about him. Otherwise he is a lovely guy ….


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