blog_bloody-handI have never understood some peoples capacity for hate. The kind of hate that would drive someone to kill, maim or harm in any way. I come from a country where that sort of hate could have easily overtaken us and sent us plummeting into civil war. But I am so immensely proud that the transition from apartheid to democracy was a relatively peaceful one in South Africa.

I did hate my father. Hated him for being an asshole and basically forcing my mother to live out her life in a country and in a manner she didn’t want to or deserved to. But that hate I felt didn’t stop me from caring for him and doing what I could to make his life easier and “repay his parenting” … my hate for him never crossed the line into abandoning him or doing him harm.
I feel the same way about my wife, who refuses to cut that marriage tie and free us both.
And the director who I hold personally responsible for me having to leave a good, stable, 5 year old job.
I hate them all but not the kind of rage filled hate that results in funerals, hospital beds or asylums.

How is a human capable or hating another to that point?

Whether that hate is based on race, gender, political views, nationality, sexual orientation, religion, economics, crime, past actions … the list is endless … and to me unacceptable! Not to the point of physical or psychological harm. And hiding behind a righteous banner doesn’t change a thing. If you hate anyone that you are prepared to harm them even if it’s for a moral cause like environmental and animal rights, female rights, children’s rights, sexual rights … then you have no place fighting for that cause!!

There are exceptions … if you were to walk around a corner and see someone beating a child with a bat then sure enough I wouldn’t think any less of you for being filled with rage and hate, and taking matters into your own hands and I would without question do the same.

Gimme a world without hate … please!