Longing for my old kink life back

I have been away from a kinky life and everything that goes with it for over a year. This is some of what I miss about that kinky life and also K (as she was the only real kinky partner I had for any substantial length of time).

I miss …

The sweet and smokey smell of rope oil
The same beautiful smell on her skin
The sting of her skin against my palm
The combined taste of sweat, rope and leather

All the parties with sexy friends and strangers
All the amazing outfits (latex, leather, pvc)
All the people playing, dancing and sexing
All the performances both pro and amateur

The markets full of collars, floggers, toys and more
The classes, demonstrations and even the munches
The dungeons filled with hours of agony and ecstasy
The furniture creatively crafted for kinky filth

Our forum where we share, discover and exhibit
Our openness and acceptance of all, irrespective …
Our hunger to explore, to live, to enjoy, to experience
Our lifestyle … all us beautiful kinksters

I can’t let you go

I can’t let you go
I love you
I love you too much to let you go
I hate you
How can you do that to me?
But I just can’t let you go
Why don’t you want to touch me?
Say you love me
Why can’t you just say you love me?
Sorry, I can’t let you go
I am going to kill that bitch
I hate you, I love you
The next time you see me and the kids it will be at our funeral