Shredded heart

When I met you, all I wanted was one night
Being honest, didn’t think I stood a chance
Way too gorgeous, but I had to try my luck
No one nighter, but the start of so much more

That short year, you gave me the time of my life
Unrestricted, every second was a highlight
So much passion, what you gave me changed my life
I was whole again, days full of wonder, fun and love

Honest and open, traits that rarely defined me
But in your arms, completely truthful I became
You beside me, I was who I always longed to be
The new me, a man proud, strong and free

But the day came, a perfect union blown apart
Deep in my gut, I knew it just had to end
My hands shaking, telling you we couldn’t be
Gigantic tears, instantly shredded up my heart

One year on, lost love still haunting me
Miss you daily, but I know it was no mistake
Had to step back, let you live, love and be safe
Fighting demons, a lonely journey I endure

Lonely drowning, a shadow of whom I’d been
Can’t explain it, doesn’t make much sense to me
I keep on trying, hoping one day I’ll be free
Don’t forget me, but goodbye … fair well … cherie

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