Neutralising a sub brain


… it’s really one of the easiest things to achieve. Some of the most intelligent people I know are subs. Don’t be surprised to get into a conversation with a submissive, about something of a little more substance than the weather, only to find the conversation elevate way beyond your level of understanding, knowledge or acumen. Of course this level of intellect isn’t confined to the submissive clan and can just as easily be found in the dominants or the herds of livestock we refer to as vanillas. But it astounds me how the brilliant mind of a sub can be turned to mush with the greatest of ease.

K fell within this category (past tense only because she is no longer in my life). Beautifully sharp mind but the second the rope fibers bit into her skin … mind paralysis. Sometimes to the point where the ability to use safety words was impossible. This is the point where I had to be on guard. One wrong move and there could be some serious damage. Flashback of trying to lift an unconscious body to free her from the buckles and take the pressure off the restraints. Let me tell you the feeling of having my loved ones limp body in my hands, not knowing if I have just taken her life, is not one I want to be repeating. She survived that, we survived that and our link grew stronger. As did the ability to shut that brain down.

It isn’t just confined to ropework either. A hard flogging session can have similar effects on a submissive brain. The combination of a restrained body and the neuroelectric charge generated by impact play can cripple the mind of the hardiest of subs. Many subs seek to escape to this subspace as their minds refuge from the drama, pain or turmoil their mind usually finds itself in as a result of everyday life problems, trauma or abuse. Are you looking for a submissive to give you complete submission (or close to) then neutralise that brain and let them escape into their subspace.